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An vielen Schlechtwettertagen kurzfristig geöffnet - Sonderöffnungen werden hier bekanntgegeben!

Open on October 7 th , 2023:  6.00 pm to 11.59 pm

(admission until 11.00 pm).
Special rules of the lange Nacht der Museen Freeplay price 7 Euro

Open on October 8 th , 2023:  9.00 am to 6.00 pm

(admission until 4.00 pm).
Be aware, that the LEGO-exhibition is not heated!

Open on October 15 th , 2023:  9.00 am to 6.00 pm

(admission until 4.00 pm).
Be aware, that the LEGO-exhibition is not heated!

more opening hours & admissions
square feet
LEGO® sets
LEGO® elements

What is it, this eitle Kinderkram?

Nice that you found us! We are THE museum with
pinball machines (the wooden boxes with silver steel
balls inside) and LEGO® sets in Austria near Vienna!

Here you can see complete topic-based-collections of
plastic bricks, as well as the legendary pins from the 90's!

If you prefer to "watch" less and "play" more, you can flip
unlimited for a flat rate, as well as stack selfcombining
bricks until you have blisters all over your fingers!

The museum is based on hobbies of Daniel Schmatz, and
is also operated by him. It is the ideal excursion for families,
as there is something for every age. In addition to the main
collections there are many smaller ones. So you will find a PC
from every Windows generation, air hockey, kiddie rides...

We are easy to reach by vehicle and by public transportation, since
Neulengbach is beside the A1 motorway and the railroad Westbahn.

New 2023: die Kinderkram food-section

In season 2023 we are starting our small food business!
In other words: you can eat your snack and lunch in the museum!
Bild Grießsteinsuppe

As addition to the menu (see below), there is a vegitarien daily special.
Our food is served exlusiv in the arbor in the yard of the museum, meaning, it could be unconfortable in bad weather situations.
These dishes are planned for the next days:

Daily special October 8 th, 2023:

Fisolen in der Einmachsauce mit Kartoffeln verfolgt von Kinderkram Kuchen.

Herr Schmatz hat Fisolen gekauft - nun, Fisolen sollen es sein: im Gatsch mit heurigen Kartofferln, später kommt der Kinderkram Kuchen.

Daily special October 15 th, 2023:

Gulasch auf Kürbisbasis mit frisch gehobelten Nockerl verflogt von Kuchen

Es wird Zeit, Zeit für Kürbis - allerdings schön heiß mit halbschwimmenden Nockerl, später soll ein Kuchen landen.

more entries

Daily special October 22 nd, 2023:

Gigantes im Tomatensud gefolgt vom Kinderkramkuchen

Im Frühjahr schon einmal gesehen, sollen die Gigantes auch gegen Ende wieder gehen - die Saison neigt sich dem Ende, da gibt’s Bohnen und vielleicht etwas Feta - doch der Kinderkramkuchen bleibt auch heute.

Menu of the Kinderkram Jausenstation







the LEGO®-Technic-collection

We are showing all LEGO®-Technic-sets, which were produced by the LEGOGroup®. However, we do not limit our collection to models from catalogues: we add all sets from the DACTA®/Education®-series too!

In other words: you can see everything with the word "Technic" on the box, with motors, light- or sound-elements. This sums up to about 1200 sets with over 400.000 elements!

Foto LEGO-Technic-Vitrinenwand
all LEGO®-Technic-collections

In the year 1956 the first bricks with lightbulbs were released to the market. Gears followed 1966 from the company LEGO® and were distributed by Samsonite® in the USA. The technology was improved rapidly and got finer and finer. That is why we can show over 1200 sets with technology background.

Everything with light, motor or sound.

All technical LEGO®-sets from light to sound over motors and gearboxes to air pressurized clamping bricks are exhibited in the eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach.


Foto LEGO-Light-and-Sound

Since 1977, the term "expert builder" has become a synonym for construction kits with gears and technic like in real life. From the steering over gearboxes to the engine model with piston movement, everything can be found here.

All classic Technic-sets.

We exhibit all sets the first LEGO®-Technic wave from the beginning to 1998 - this also includes sets of other series that have a technical background - there are more than 330 an display here!

Foto LEGO-Technic-Klassik

At the end of the 90s, the nubs dissapeard more and more from the LEGO®-Technic world. The waves went (and go) high in the brick-fan-community. Lift arms and panels have replaced the classic bricks and give the models a very different and new look.

All modern Technic-Sets.

We have over 700 sets of the latest LEGO®-Technic generation on display. Those sets consist mainly of lift arms. Until the year 2020 we are complete, on the last years of models with many functions we continue to collect, of course.

Foto LEGO-Technic-Modern

the LEGO®-train-collection

We show all the LEGO®-Train sets that the LEGOGroup®has ever released. We are not satisfied with the sets in which trains stand on rails: we show all sets that contain a train, a rail system or even just parts of it. In any case, the complete set including train, rails and accessories can be seen in our showcases!

Foto Electronic-Train
all LEGO®-train-collections

The older friends of the self-connecting-brick know them from their youth: blue rails with white sleepers. Trains moved from the children's room, under the sofa, in the living room and occasionally in the kitchen. Battery-operated 4.5 volt trains run day and night. Or was it even the electric 12 volt trains with busbars in the middle?

Everthing from the blue train-era.

We have all 107 produced setss of the first LEGO®-rail-system on display. From the "electric motor with cable cords" from 1966 to the "ramp with wagon" from 1978.

Foto LEGO-Güterbahnhof

At the beginning of the 80s, the most ingenious LEGO®-train-system of all times arrived: countless switching elements for points, signals, decouplers and barriers are built on the legendary 12 volt transformer and the entire train world is operated remotely.

Everything from the grey train-era.

Although only 6 years new sets were released in the market, this system is still in enormous popular today. All 50 produced sets of this series can be admired in our showcases. From the "passenger train with stop" from 1980 to the "container station" from 1986.

Foto LEGO-Güterzug

Train fans had to wait 5 years, until something new came. We were all enthusiastic about the new appearance of the rails with integrated powerlines on which the gray "Metro-Liner" whizzed along. Commercials on TV made our mouths water and our pockets emty...

Everything from the 9-volt-train-era.

All 95 sets of the child-friendly LEGO®-train-system can be admired in our museum. From the "Freight Train Complete Set" from 1991 to the "LEGO® Factory Hobby Train" from 2007.

Foto LEGO-My-own-Train

But things turned out differently: batteries returned to the train in 2006. In addition, there is the infrared remote control and plastic rails on which trains with large molded parts roared along. A child-friendly design was the way to the future of LEGO®-trains.

Everything from the IR-train-era.

Both generations of the light-remote-controlled train series are fully shown in the eitle Kinderkram. 28 sets with incredible details: from the "Freight Train Luxury Set" from 2006 to the "Winter Holiday Train" from 2016.

Foto großes LEGO-Güterzug-Set

The batteries and the rail system have remained, the technology changed: the current train sets are radio-controlled by Blu-Tooth. The series have split: Game sets like the 60197 to play with and collector's sets - in our museum you can see both!

Everything from the radio-controlled-train-era.

We have all sets of the current train-system for your amusement. From the "passenger train" from 2018 to the "crocodile locomotive" from 2020. Of course, we ar expanding each year with the product-pallet.

Foto LEGO-Verlade-Set

For us also many other sets are part of the collection goal in the field of trains: all sets on whose instructions or packaging a train can be seen, all sets with rail systems, small train workers from the Advent calendar and of course everything from the Monorail®-system.

Everything else about trains.

In total, we exhibited over 400 train sets. Everything LEGO® has ever produced in this theme: from the LEGOLAND®-train to the 40th anniversary-set, from the railway worker to the roller coaster, from truck transported rails to the gold mine - you will find that all with us!

Foto LEGO Zwergenmine

the LEGO®-MOC-collection

A museum with LEGO®-elements also includes MOCs. Meaning: masterpieces built by the museums operator. Unfortunately, Pinbrick Schmatz is not creative at all, so it looks sad in this regard...

However, he tends to large, clumsy buildings which sometimes spread over several floors and are scratching on world records - you can see them here!

Foto Electronic-Train
all LEGO®-MOC-collections

For a completely different project, several thousand 1x2 studded bricks were purchased. Unfortunately, nothing came of the project. So what to do with these elements? Stacking and bending them would be a possibility - from this a nomen was built, which is now a train-spiral. Well, there were maide actually two: The highest LEGO®-train spiral with 160 inchs, and an even higher one...

Do you know where the only real LEGO®-train looping built from the real LEGO®-rail system is located? Correct! It is in the eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach! Made from 11,264 elements, this 70 inch high monster is raced through by our stunt car. This is only kept on the rails by centrifugal force and derails only from time to time. On request, you can experience the project in action!

Foto LEGO-Güterbahnhof

Otherwise, we still have a lot to do - of course this takes time in these dimensions - but have a look again in a few months...

the BALLY®-pinball-collection

In 1932, Raymond Moloney put a completely new device at the counter of a small retail store: a pinball. With this device, the Ballyhoo, without any technology, just a wooden box with nails hammered into it, on which a metal ball bounced off - the triumphal march of the pinball machine around the world has begun.

However, this series is not in the collection goal of the museum operator. He is more interested in the howling dogs, where light effects charm the player and loud digital sound numbs the ears. That's why we have all BALLY® pinball machines from 1984 on, where modern electronics have taken over the game control. We have 16 devices of this manufacturer to see, as well as those that were later produced by Midway®.

Foto Flipper
all BALLY®-collections

The first manufacturer of the legendary pinball machines from the USA: BALLY®! This company laid the foundation for the worldwide pinball boom. However, the competition did not sleep and cracked down with new ideas and good marketing. Ultimately, BALLY-MIDWAY®was to be bought in the late 1980s...

All pinballs with the 6803-cpu.

16 devices have come into the market with the A084-91786-AH06 MPU, these are the pinball machines that really make fun to play. This series we have included in the collection. From the "Eight Ball Champ" from 1985 to the last real BALLY® pinball machine "Black Water 100", we have all on display. Of course, the BALLY®-logo can also be seen on later pinballs, which we all have as well - just look down...

Foto Flipper
the DataEast®-pinball-collection

Since 2022, we have been allowing the first glimpses into our DataEast®pinball collection. Although there are still 10 devices missing on the collection goal (due to the massive investments in the LEGO®-area this will be for a long time the case), but more than half of the devices are already there - even if a lot of them are in precarious condition.

Here are currently 15 pinball machines from this manufacturer on site. DataEast® copied the WILLIAMS®System 11, used themes from film and television, and produced many ingenious devices. From the "Laser War" to the "Maverick", devices of every generation can be viewed in the "beet cellar".

Foto Flipper

There is no collection in which aren't items that don't really fit in. We want to show complete series of devices, but there are also pinball machines, which you simply have to own, without buying all models of the manufacturer.

Not-fitting pinballs.

In any case, everything on which "Star Trek" is written must be included. An "Orbitor 1", "Austin Powers" and "Caveman" show what STERN® and GOTTLIEB® came up with...

Foto Flipper
the WILLIAMS®-pinball-collection

The real trauma of Flipperstein Schmatz is, of course, the WILLIAMS® pinball machine. In his childhood, the model "Taxi" stood in the coffee house in the neighboring village. Here the first encounter with a device of this ingenious design took place - a slightly traumatizing one can be noted - but that is another story.

As early as 2002, the museum operator bought its first pinball machine from this manufacturer. In the "Eitle Spielhalle" (the predecessor project of the museum) 20 devices of this kind have already been in operation, today 81 pins of this manufacturer are exhibited and also partly playable.

Foto Flipper
all WILLIAMS®-collections

Not the first, but by far the most innovative manufacturer when it comes to electronic pinball is WILLIAMS®. The pinballs with the robust electronics of this company soon took the lead and laid the foundation for the success of WMS®.

All System 9 pinballs.

It got really interesting with the third generation of electronic pinball machines: 3 devices came in the market with the System 9 - all three are exhibited by us: "Space Shuttle" from 1984, as well as "Sorcerer" and "Comet" from 1985.

Foto Flipper

When it comes to fast music in the game with good sound effects, you can't ignore this technology. The game is cheerful, squeaky and accompanied by lighting effects. Cozy pinball rounds without long thinking about where to meet: just play the ramps alternately and then on the flashing targets...

All System 11 pinballs.

This electronics is in the devices from "High Speed" to "Bugs Bunny". There are 4 revisions that have been installed in a total of 30 devices - we have them all! With each version, the music playback has been further improved. This technology is also installed in the pinball machines with the BALLY® logo from the model "Transporter" onwards.

Foto Flipper

Even though the first 3 models were delivered with the classic text displays, this technology has laid the foundation for a new ideas of pinball: Williams Pinball Control has put up images on the displays for the first time, delivered animations and enabled previously unthinkable actions on the playing field.

All WPC Pinballs.

The first WPC generation started with "Funhouse" in 1990 and has given us 17 wonderful pinball machines. With "The Addams Family Special Collectors Edition" it was completed in 1994 - all 17 pinball machines of this technique are exhibited here.

Foto Flipper

If there was anything to complain about pinball in the 1980s and 1990s, it was the sound quality. It scratched and croaked when the pinball machine spoke to the player. But WMS has put an end to the noise: DCS® - the "Digital Compression System" has provided CD-quality sounds from the loudspeakers since 1993.

All WPC-Security pinballs.

It got even faster: with "World Cup Soccer '94" WPC-S has found its way into the gambling halls. The penultimate "real" pinball control is responsible for 13 pinball machines (which are all shown here) and is installed in the devices until "Jack-Pot" in 1995.

Foto Flipper

Even if the player has not noticed much of the last generation of pinball control, inside it looks quite different in the technically way. The boards were equipped with new semiconductors and designs, the electronics became even more robust and the game perfect. The devices of the late 90s are now traded more expensive than they cost new, and there are reasons for this...

All WPC-95 pinballs.

While darts and video games filled the arcades, pinball machines became less and less interesting for the peaople running them: mechanics have to be maintained, which is almost completely eliminated in video games. So, the last 15 pinball machines of the company WILLIAMS® have only been produced in small quantities. We exhibited them all up to the last one, the "Cactus Canyon".

Foto Flipper

From the "Holo-Pin", the developers have developed a revolutionary concept: a video pinball hybrid device. The steel ball is played in projections from the screen and interacts with the animations. In the pinball head sits now a PC that brings the device to life. Unfortunately, the sales figures were not as high as hoped, and the end of pinball has come...

All Pinball 2000 pinballs.

With "Revenge from Mars" and "Star Wars Episode 1" the pinball production of the last major manufacturer of pinballs came to an end in 1999. Wistful press conferences accompanied the downfall. Of course, we also have these 2 models in our collection.

Foto Flipper
a computer-collection

Since the main business area of our company is IT, we also show something with computers. In our museum you can see a PC from each "Intel® desktop CPU" generation with the corresponding Microsoft® operating system. This starts with the first IBM PC, the one that coined the term "IBM-compatible®", and ends with the component systems distributed by "Eitle Computer". In future, there will be an operation in the network, where visitors will see how compatible Dos and Windows® really are.

In addition, there are many smaller collections, such as all PDAs produced by Psion®. You could say that we show everything that Daniel Schmatz sold in his youth and thus also shaped him. There is also a collection with all common data interfaces and data carriers of the last 50 years. Note: This collection is still under construction and has not yet been documented.

Foto Psion
all WILLIAMS®-collections

Here you can see the "SpeedTouch USB®" - probably the most terrible ADSL model of all time. Talk to the museum operator about it - but be prepared for him to talk about it at length and emotionally... - oh yes: we show all A1 xDSL modems for the private sector - also these disaster versions.

You can't do everything, so we focus on PCs with Intel® -desktop-CPU. We have also exhibited these CPUs individually so that you can get an idea of the miniaturization of semiconductor technology over the last decades.

Foto CPUs
alles zam, free play and admission fees until 31st october 2023


Open on October 7th , 2023:  from 6.00 pm to 11.59 pm
(admission until 11.00 pm)
Special rules of the lange Nacht der Museen Freeplay price 7 Euro

Open on October 8th , 2023:  from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
(admission until 4.00 pm)
Be aware, that the LEGO-exhibition is not heated!

Open on October 15th , 2023:  from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
(admission until 4.00 pm)
Be aware, that the LEGO-exhibition is not heated!

Open on October 22nd , 2023:  from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
(admission until 4.00 pm)
Be aware, that the LEGO-exhibition is not heated!

Open on October 26th , 2023:  from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
(admission until 4.00 pm)
Be aware, that the LEGO-exhibition is not heated!

more entries

Open on October 27th , 2023:  from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm
(admission until 3.30 pm)
Be aware, that the LEGO-exhibition is not heated!

Open on October 28th , 2023:  from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm
(admission until 3.30 pm)
Be aware, that the LEGO-exhibition is not heated!

Open on October 29th , 2023:  from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
(admission until 4.00 pm)
Be aware, that the LEGO-exhibition is not heated!

Open on October 30th , 2023:  from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm
(admission until 3.30 pm)
Be aware, that the LEGO-exhibition is not heated!

Open on October 31st , 2023:  from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm
(admission until 3.30 pm)
Last day of the LEGO®-season - from November to March we are open as Retro-Gaming-Paradise!

Open on November 1st , 2023:  from 11.00 am to 11.01 am
(admission until 11.00 am)
Start of the Wintergames without LEGO® - more information mid October!

Open on March 24th , 2024:  from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
(admission until 4.00 pm)
First day of the Summergames with LEGO® - no retro videogames until November to play!

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  *** The package "all together" (alles zam) ncludes the entrance fee "just looking" (Eintritt) and the optional "freeplay" (Freispiel). This allows unlimited use of all devideses with an electronic start-buttom. According to the fair-use principle, you can use these devices without inserting coins. There are at least 7 pinball machines, kiddy rides and air hockey ready to play! The free spin is free on a repeat visit in a season if you want a personalized invoice on the first visit before payment and present it on the second visit before payment.

** The NÖ Card 2023 is valid from April to October 2023. One-time admission in the season is free. The conditions of the NÖ Card and the rules of the eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach apply.

NÖ-Familienpass has a few advantages - please see sign in the entrance area.*
* as long as available

When you visit the second time in a season, you can get freeplay for free, IF you ask for a personalised receip when paying your first visit.
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Frequently asked questions about the "eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach" as of January 28, 2023

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  • When is the museum open?
    The museum is normally open on Sundays and public holidays from April to October. If Palm Sunday falls in March, it is open from Palm Sunday. The exact opening hours are given daily updated in the start area of the website. On other days it is possible to rent for groups - see prices and opening hours.
  • Do I have to pay?
    • To enter the museum and the surrounding grounds, the "entrance fee" must be paid.
    • In order to be able to use play equipment with a starting device (pinball, air hockey, kiddy rides, etc.) unlimited and without inserting coins, you can book the package "Free Play".
    • If you do not ask otherwise at checkout, you will automatically be charged the package "alles zam". This is cheaper than "entry" and "free play" combined and has the best value for you.
    • Holders of the "Niederösterreich Card" have free admission and can book the "free game" on request.
    • Furthermore, there are some (few) activities that are associated with additional costs (eg demonstrations or guided tours) - see prices and opening hours.
  • Do I have to wear a mask?
    Currently, there is no obligation to wear mouth and nose protection - but this may change at short notice due to official requirements or for safety reasons that we consider relevant.
  • Is it allowed to take photos?
    The photos may also be published on social media if the note "taken in the eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach" is indicated in this publication.
  • Is it allowed to film?
    In principle, we are not allowed to film. However, written agreements can be made that make this possible when it comes to material for publications. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail and indicate what the material will be used for.
  • What to play with at no extra cost ?
    • there is a big LEGO®-Primo playbox
    • there is a big LEGO®-Quatro playbox
    • there is a big LEGO®-System playbox
    • there are a LEGO®-playtables with system-bricks
    • there is a big LEGO®-Soft playcornern
    • there are many pedal tractors and other toys in the yard (only in good weather)
  • What can you play with with the additional package "free play"or "alles zam" additionally?
    • Kiddy rides in the yard (not in heavy rain)
    • at least 7 pinball machines
    • Air hockey (only in good weather)
  • How much or how often can one use the "free play"or "alles zam" to play?
    • 3 games may be played at a time, after which the device must be changed
    • any device can be used repeatedly if another has been used in between
    • it is to be considerate of other visitors
  • What is there to see in the 2023 season?
    • all pinballs from BALLY® from 1985 up to end of production
    • all pinballs from WILLIAMS® from 1985 up to end of production
    • already purchased pinballs from DATAEAST®
    • all known LEGO®-Zug-sets from production start up to 2021
    • all known LEGO®-Racer-sets from production start up to 2020
    • all known LEGO®-Technic-sets from production start up to 2020
    • all known LEGO®-DACTA®-sets from production start up to 2018
    • all known LEGO®-EDUCATION®-sets from production start up to 2018
    • the world only LEGO®-train-loop in the 6-knob-track-system
    • the actual status of our LEGO®-brick world-record-trys
    • one PC with INTEL®-CPU from each gen. with fitting MICROSOFT® operating-system*
    • all A1® xDSL modems for home use*
    • nearly all sound-, picture- and datainterfaces of the last decates*
    • nearly all mainly used sound- and picturemediasystems of the last decates*

* until now without detailed documentaion!

  • Are there guided tours ?
    We offer guided tours, which can be booked depending on the capacity of the museum - we can confirm these from 4:30 pm (after admission):
    • Key points and history about the development of PCs and MS-DOS® and WINDOWS®.
    • The development and history of LEGO®-train sets.
    • The development and history of LEGO®-Technic sets.
    • The development and history of the BALLY®- and WILLIAMS®-pinball machine.
  • In what condition are the pinball machines? ?
    That differs.
    The pinball machines are partly revised and fully ready to play, partly only ready to play and partly as we got them. We attach great importance to the original condition and only change the delivery condition during restoration if this has safety reasons. Our devices are not polished to a high gloss.
  • In what condition are the LEGO®-sets?
    That differs.
    Some sets are heavily recorded or recreated from original LEGO®-parts. We try to stick to the original as much as possible, but do not rule out small deviations. We do not want to show new goods, but what is really done with toys.
  • Do I have to come with a tie, or what should I wear ?
    Note that our museum is an old farm. Dress comfortably and wear sturdy shoes - you are among friends, there is no dress code (apart from trousers and waists - the museum operator is also excluded from this).
  • Do you take good care of my children?
    We do not assume any duty of supervision! You take care of your family. Admission without adult accompaniment is possible from 14 years.
  • Is the museum air-conditioned?
    The museum is not air-conditioned and not heated. Dress well according to the season!
  • May I eat in the museum ?
    Eating and drinking is permitted in the courtyard and at the snack stations, but only bottled water is currently permitted in the museum area.
  • Can I buy food from you ?
    We offer a selected vegetarian main course after pre-ordering. Likewise, snacks such as cheese sandwiches are usually available. Please call us and tell us how many portions on which day you need so that there are no misunderstandings.
  • Can you buy LEGO® sets ?
    There are selected new and used LEGO®-sets to buy from us. Our focus is on older and rare sets.
  • Can you buy LEGO® spare parts from you ?
    Basically, we offer spare parts from our extensive warehouse for sale. The unit price starts at 0.50 euros. Note that we are not fighting a price war. If you need several parts, please contact a spare parts dealer. For missing items, buying it sometimes makes sense when visiting the museum, as you save yourself the shipping costs.
  • Why do you always say LEGO® - don't be afraid of the LEGO® Group®?
    We say LEGO® sets because we only exhibit LEGOGroup® brick products. No, we are not afraid of the LEGO Group or its lawyers as we abide by the LEGOGroup's® "Fair Play Rules" and generally act with respect and appreciation for others.
  • Are all exhibits well documented and labeled?
    There is minimal information about the exhibits and a QR code on the display cases. The QR code can be scanned with a smartphone and provides detailed information and links to your device via our in-house, free Wi-Fi. Note: the documentation is not quite finished yet, in some cases the information is not yet complete.
  • Can I bring my dog ?
    Animals brought along are not allowed on our property.
  • Can I bring my LEGO® set ?
    Clamping modules brought along are not permitted to avoid misunderstandings when leaving the museum.
  • Is there a toilet ?
    There is a men's and a women's toilet.
  • Can people with reduced mobility enter the museum ?
    However, we are still working on solutions for some areas - please call us so that we can discuss this in detail.
    Note: there are some ramps in the museum whose inclination is greater than is generally intended. In any case, we are at your disposal to support you!
  • Who owns the pinball machines and the LEGO® sets ?
    99% of the exhibited items are from the private collection of Daniel Schmatz. The remaining objects as well as the furnishings of the museum are the property of "alles Eitle by Daniel Schmatz". The museum is run by the company in order to create the necessary legal certainty.
  • Who built the LEGO® sets ?
    99% of LEGO® sets are built by Daniel Schmatz. He wants to do it himself so that he can be sure that everything is built as faithfully as possible to the best of his knowledge and belief.
legal information and GTC
  This section is german only, because we do not have professional translators. Sorry.

eitle Spielregeln, ABG, Datenschutz und rechtliche Informationen zu Webseite und Museum.
Bild Regeln
  1. Dies ist die Version 3.0 unserer Spielregeln vom 01.01.2023.
    Wir sehen die Zustimmung zu unseren Spielregeln als Voraussetzung und als selbstverständlich, wenn du unsere Webseite oder das „eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach“ besuchst - mit anderen Worten: Durch das Nutzen unserer Angebote akzeptierst du automatisch unsere Spielregeln.
    Alle aktuellen Gesetze Österreichs, der Europäischen Union und sonstige allgemein gültige Gesellschaftsregeln bleiben unberührt und gültig.
    Wenn die aktuelle Rechtslage höhere Anforderungen oder Einschränkungen als unsere Spielregeln auferlegen, gelten diese, wenn unsere Spielregeln dies tun, gelten unsere Spielregeln - die betrifft vor allem Punkt 2.
    Das „eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach“ ist eine 100%ige Tochter von „alles Eitle by Daniel Schmatz“. „alles Eitle by Daniel Schmatz“ behält sich das Recht vor, die Spielregeln sowie alles andere das „eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach“ betreffend unangekündigt und grundlos zu verändern - dies betrifft auch Öffnungszeiten und ermächtigt uns ebenfalls, die Webseite vom Netz zu nehmen oder den Museumsbetrieb zu beenden.
    Wenn sich Besucher trotz Aufforderung nicht an die Spielregeln halten, werden sie aufgefordert, das „eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach“ zu verlassen, es erfolgt keine Rückerstattung von Eintrittsgeldern.
Bild Covid-19
  1. Die Covid-19 Situation stellt unsere Gesellschaft vor besondere Herausforderungen. Wir möchten den Betrieb des „eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach“ so oft wie möglich sicherstellen und dabei - die Erlaubnis durch den Gesetzgeber vorausgesetzt - möglichst viele Freiheiten ermöglichen.

    Bezüglich der Pandemie gelten ab 1.1.2023 folgende Regeln im Normalbetrieb:
  • Aufgrund der Covid19 Pandemie besteht eine FFP2 Maskenempfehlung für Personen ab dem 10. Lebensjahr im Gebäude.
  • Aufgrund der Covid19 Pandemie besteht Mund-Nasen-Schutzempfehlung für Personen vom 6. bis zum 9. Lebensjahr im Gebäude.
  • Zu Personen anderer Haushalte ist ein Mindesabstand von 1 Meter empfohlen.
Bild Rauchverbot
Bild Alkoholverbot
  1. Der Eintritt in das „eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach“ ist grundsätzlich jedem/jeder gestattet, sofern er/sie untenstehende Voraussetzungen erfüllt.
    Wir behalten uns vor, Personen ohne Begründung den Eintritt zu verwehren bzw. diese zu bitten, das „eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach“ zu verlassen.
    • das Entgelt für „Eintritt“, „Freispiel“ oder „alles zam“ wurde entrichtet
    • eventuelle Spielentgelte wurden entrichtet
    • es wurde kein Alkohol konsumiert
    • die Person verbreitet keine störende Gerüche die andere Besucher stören
    • das Rauchverbot im Gebäude und auf unseren Grundstücken wird akzeptiert
    • es werden keine mutmaßlichen Zerstörungen an Spielgeräten,
      Einrichtungsgegenständen oder Ausstellungsgegenständen vorgenommen
    • die flächendeckende Videoüberwachung unserer Ausstellungsräume wird akzeptiert
    • Vitrinen und ausgestellte Objekte werden nicht berührt
    • durch Handlungen werden andere BesucherInnen nicht belästigt oder gefährdet
    • es sind keine Tiere mitgebracht worden
    • die Person akzeptiert die Spielregeln des „eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach“
    • Es werden keine Filmaufnahmen ohne schriftliche Einverständniserklärung durchgeführt.
    • Kinder werden von den begleitenden Erwachsenen beaufsichtig
    • Jugendliche ab dem 14 Lebensjahr können alleine Eintreten
Bild Datenschutz
  1. Die Webseite des „eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach“ (bzw. der dahinterstehende Webserver) erhebt Daten über jeden Zugriff auf diese Webseite in den entsprechenden Serverlogfiles. In diesen Serverlogfiles werden die minimal nötigen Informationen des Besuches gespeichert. Dazu gehören jedenfalls die genaue URL der besuchten Webseite, Datum und Uhrzeit des Besuches, die übertragene Datenmenge, der Browsertyp inkl. Version, das verwendete Betriebssystem, die IP-Adresse sowie der anfragende Provider. Unsere Webseite setzt KEINE Cookies oder andere Mechanismen ein, die aktiv Daten auf dem besuchenden Endgerät hinterlassen, die nicht vom Browser selbst gespeichert werden (Browsercache). Die Protokolldaten werden grundsätzlich nicht ausgewertet, sofern dies nicht zur Fehlereingrenzung notwendig ist bzw. es vom Gesetzgeber vorgeschrieben wird. Im Falle einer rechtswidrigen Nutzung behalten wir uns das Recht vor, die Protokolldaten nachträglich zu prüfen. Personenbezogene Daten, die Rückschlüsse auf die wahre Identität einer bestimmten Person zulassen bzw. diese Person eindeutig identifizieren, wie zum Beispiel Name, Kontaktinformationen, Informationen über Hobbies, Vorlieben und vorher besuchte Webseiten werden beim Besuch unserer Webseite von uns NICHT gespeichert und damit auchh NICHT ausgewertet.
    Diese Webseite verlinkt auf Webseiten anderer Unternehmen - hier ist insbesonders die Firma Google Inc.® (YouTube®) zu erwähnen. Für die Links und die eingebetteten Inhalte gelten die Datenschutzrichtlinien und AGBs der entsprechenden Unternehmen - diese sind NICHT im Einflussbereich von „alles Eitle by Daniel Schmatz“.
Bild Datensammeln
  1. „eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach“ bzw. „alles Eitle by Daniel Schmatz“ erhebt keinerlei personenbezogene Daten, mit Ausnahme jener, die von Besuchern freiwillig zum Zweck einer Kontaktaufnahme angegeben werden bzw. die uns auf andere Weise von Ihnen zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Dies betrifft vor allem den Emailverkehr mit Emailadressen in der Domäne sowie persönlich, schriftlich oder auf sonstige Art übermittelte Daten. Alle aktiv übermittelten Daten werden vollständig und dauerhaft gespeichert (dies betrifft nicht die oben genannten Daten zur Covid-19 Situation). Diese Daten werden unter keinen Umständen an Dritte weitergegeben, sofern keine ausdrückliche Erlaubnis deinerseits dazu vorliegt.
Bild Stop
  1. Wir verwenden ausschließlich Grafiken, die wir selbst erstellt haben, sowie Bilder, die von der lizenzfreien Plattform zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Ebenso setzen wir Markenlogos bzw. Werbeelemente der Hersteller unserer Ausstellungsgegenstände ein - diese sind rechtliches Eigentum des jeweiligen Unternehmens.
    LEGO® ist ein eingetragener Markenname der LEGO Group, WILLIAMS® und BALLY® sind eingetragene Markenname der Sientific Games Inc. - keine dieser Firmen hat mit dieser Webseite etwas zu tun, es besteht auch keine Geschäftsbeziehung ziwschen „alles Eitle by Daniel Schmatz“ und diesen Unternehmen. Wir zeigen lediglich Produkte dieser Firmen im „eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach“ und ggf. Bilder des Museums auf dieser Webseite.
Bild Rollstuhl
  1. Wir sind bemüht, Personen mit eingeschränkter Mobilität, den Zutritt zum „eitle Kinderkram Neulengbach“ möglichst unkompliziert zu ermöglichen. Der Museumsstandort ist jedoch ein altes Gebäude in Hanglage, deshalb ist mit Einschränkungen zu rechnen. Wir haben einen ebenerdigen Zugang vom öffentlichen Gut für beide Ausstellungsebenen und möchten dich möglichst gut beim Besuch unterstützen. Einzelne Museumsbereiche sind nur über eine einzelne Stufe zu erreichen, wobei wir bemüht sind, Rampen zur Verfügung zu stellen, wo dies möglich ist. Die Wege sind teilweise eng und die Ausstellungsgegenstände sind teilweise auf Augenhöhe stehender Personen. Wir empfehlen, speziell bei Gehbehinderungen, vorab telefonisch Kontakt mit uns aufzunehmen, um Missverständnisse vorweg vermeiden zu können.
Zugriffe seit 18.03.2021: 00013407

Zur vorigen Version dieser Webseite (Version 2023).

Note: LEGO® is a registerd brandname of LEGO Group, WILLIAMS® and BALLY® are registerd brandnames of Sientific Games Inc. - these companies have nothing to do with this website, there is also no buissines connection between alles Eitle and theese companies. und diesen Unternehmen. We only display products of these companies in our museum.